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2014 Irish Wedding Stats

At Perfect Ring, we always enjoy reading about Irish weddings and surveys. The year 2014 were marked by two large surveys – one from Perfect Ring – the 2014 ‘Jeweller Of the Year’ from Weddings Online, and a second one by The Wedding Journal.

We mentioned the engagement ring survey by Perfect Ring earlier in the year but we sum up the year that was 2014 with a number of interesting statistics about not only rings, but Irish weddings.

engagement ring purchaseIn relation to the engagement ring purchase, almost half of brides admit to choosing their own engagement ring rather than leaving it to their partner. This can be a tricky one to call – many guys like the idea of proposing with an engagement ring yet many women like to choose their own ring. As it is the only item which will be worn forever, it is a lot of pressure on the guy to get correct.
From speaking to certain jewellers like Perfect Ring, they allow couples exchange a ring if is it not the ‘perfect ring’.
“Most of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals.  Our customer happiness is very important to us with our core goal being excellence in everything we do” (Managing Director – Perfect Ring). The average cost of an engagement ring during 2014 is around the €2,500 mark but this ranges from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand!

It seems that Ireland’s wedding industry is finally bouncing back from the recession, as the survey from The Wedding Journal shows that 32 per cent of brides and grooms plan to spend more than €20,000 on their weddings (the price of a car –just to put things in perspective).
The size of weddings is still large with almost 15% of people expecting to invite over 200 guests and 40% of people expecting to invite 150 people.

Despite the popularity of escaping abroad to tie the knot, a whopping 93 per cent of the couples surveyed – half of who are aged between 26 and 30 – are marrying at home.

Predictions for 2015.year 2015 in diamonds
We here at Perfect Ring think 2015 will be similar to 2014. The economy will continue to improve slightly but people will demand value for money.  In relation to engagement rings, quality will remain the focus with couples doing more research before purchasing (hopefully – knowledge is power people)
in relation to weddings, a slight trend is smaller weddings with a focus on investing slightly more into the diamond. The large princess weddings are possible a thing of the past but people do like a party so whatever feels right, probably is!!
Here’s to a great 2015.

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