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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamonds – 2018 Top Engagement Ring Trend Forecast

black-diamond-perfect-ring-ireland-engagement-ringHere at Perfect Ring, we’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of inquiries about black diamonds recently, so we’re bringing you all the information you need about this popular engagement ring trend!

Coloured stones have certainly gained popularity with brides-to-be as an alternative to the classic white diamond, but a black diamond is sure to stand out from the crowd. The dark colour looks fabulous on a solitaire setting or mixed with white diamonds in a glittering halo. If current trends are any indication, this fashion-forward stone is set to become a permanent feature in our ring collection.


The 4 C’s – What makes Black Diamonds different?

As black diamonds share most of the same structural characteristics as white diamonds, they too have incredible durability and hardness. Black diamonds are also graded in the same way as white ones,  meaning it’s Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight will effect the cost and quality.

  • Cut

Black diamonds have a more simple shape than most white diamonds, due to the extreme skill and expertise needed to cut this dense material. The facets will be judged on the smoothness of the surface and how clean the edges are. The surface itself should have a dark, glossy appearance.

  • Colour

This category is judged both on the even distribution of colour within the stone and it’s particular hue. A specialised heat treatment is used to develop the deep tones of the diamond, resulting in shades of green or brown so dark they appear black to the naked eye.

  • Clarity

Apart from the exceptionally rare ‘Flawless’ diamond, as a natural material all diamonds will contain evidence of their unique growth history in the presence of inclusions. Black diamonds are no exception and their clarity is rated from AAA to I1.

  • Carat

The density of a black diamond is slightly higher than it’s white equivalent, meaning a black diamond will be a little bit smaller than a white diamond of the same carat weight and shape.



Pictured here is a beautiful example of a round brilliant cut diamond in a halo style GR024.

If you’d like to find out more about diamond grading in general, you can read more about it our here in our information section here.

All of our rings are available to order with black diamonds, fancy diamonds or gemstones. Feel free to pop into us in Powerscourt Shopping Centre at anytime if you have any questions!



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