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Caring for your engagement ring

Caring for your engagement ring

Your engagement ring is an important financial and sentimental investment that can endure a lot of day to day wear and tear. The last thing you want is to nick it, chip it, gunk it up or knock it loose from its setting.

Here are some helpful tips for looking after your engagement ring;

Take it off

Believe it or not, caring for your ring means occasionally taking it off.

  • when playing sports or weight lifting at the gym
  • when carrying out heavy gardening
  • when cleaning the house using harsh chemicals or doing the dishes
  • when baking
  • when applying lotions or sun cream
  • when swimming in the sea or chlorinated swimming pools

Safe Keeping

When taking your ring off, make sure you have a safe place to put it. Diamonds should be stored in their own separate box, pouch or compartment as they can scratch other pieces of jewellery.

Have your setting checked regularly

We recommend that you have your ring checked every 12-18 months for plating or polishing and to make sure the stone hasn’t been knocked loose.

Insure your ring

Most insurance companies will allow you to include your diamond engagement ring under your household contents insurance however you can also have it insured separately if you wish. Diamond jewellery insurance policies usually require you to present them with an independent appraisal.

Keep it clean

It’s common sense but you would be surprised how many people never clean their engagement rings. Most jewellers will clean your ring for free so take advantage of this courtesy at least once a year. Once a month you should take the time to clean your ring at home. Use a small amount of mild washing up liquid, hot water and a soft toothbrush to remove build up behind and around your stone, pat dry.