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How to clean your engagement ring

One question we regularly get asked here at Perfect Ring by people relates to how they should clean their diamond ring. Thankfully it’s very simple.

As your ring is worn on a daily basis, grease, dirt and most commonly soap builds up on the ring. This has the effect of preventing light from traveling through your diamond. This reduces the fire, brilliance and sparkle of your diamond and can even make your diamond look dirty and lifeless. If you are spending good money on buying a diamond with a good colour then it makes sense to keep it clean and retain the colour (a dirty diamond can make a diamond 2 to 3 colours lower on the scale – it is restored when the diamond is cleaned.)

Many jewellers have sonic cleaners and will do this for you for free as it costs nothing to them to do this. If this is inconvenient there is a simple way to do this yourself.

– Get a glass of very hot water and pour in two drops of washing up liquid.
– Place your diamond ring in the hot water and stir it gently for about 2 minutes.
– If you see dirt under the diamond, you should scrub it gently with an old toothbrush (or a child’s toothbrush which is softer and has fine bristles). This is to ensure you do not damage the ring.
– After this gentle scrub run the ring under cold water and dry with a tissue.
– The results are amazing and really bring the sparkle back to your ring.

As a note of caution, make sure your diamond does not fall down the drain – this has been known to happen more than you think!!

I would advise doing this every 4 – 6 weeks and getting your white gold ring rhodium plated every 18 months (or platinum polished every 18 months).
I have seen some tips online such as using toothpaste or Domestos bleach and evening putting your ring into a saucepan of boiling water. I would strongly advise against these methods as they can damage the metal of your ring – the above method works a treat.

Again, any jewellers where you bought your diamond will clean your ring for free (all the jewellers on will in any case). It’s a simple process as they all have sonic cleaners.

And remember, a clean diamond is a happy diamond!!

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