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Conflict diamonds

Important Information When Viewing Diamonds

Your diamond ring represents the love you and your partner have for each other. The history of the ring and its symbolism is fascinating. One thing to consider when viewing any diamond, is its source. The last thing you want to think of when looking at you diamond ring is the ethical issues associated with diamonds.  These ethical issues are sometimes summarized as ‘conflict diamonds’. In summary, conflict diamonds or ‘blood diamonds’ are diamonds that have been used by rebel groups to fund armed conflict and civil war.

In countries such as Sierra Leone and Angola, the sale of some diamonds have been used to fuel brutal wars through the purchasing of arms and resulting in human rights abuse.

Many people in those war torn countries have been put into slavery and are forced to harvest diamonds. Miners in these countries can earn less than a dollar a day.

It’s not where the diamond come from that matters, its how they are mined and whether they are mined officially. The KIMBERLEY process ensures that diamonds are mined officially and is instrumental in improving conditions for the mining community.

Commins & Co Jewellers has a ‘no blood diamond’ policy. Only diamonds with a solid audit trail back to its source are sold.

We would like you to consider the origins of your diamond when viewing engagement rings or diamond rings. Such a symbolic piece of jewellery should not indirectly assist human rights abuse.