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Should couples share the cost of the engagement ring?

engagement ring cost

engagement ring cost

Now here is a controversial question, should the lady pay for half of her engagement ring??! Well in recent times an increasing number of couples are going Dutch on buying an engagement ring as they feel it makes more sense finacially.

Of course traditionally it was always the man who paid for the diamond ring however in today’s world the woman is often the main breadwinner and as she may want a large rock the traditional idea of the man paying for the ring is changing.

According to a survey on The Knot’s facebook page, many couples feel that the time is gone where a man should pay for an engagement ring just because tradition says so, is well and truely gone. Many couples want to break with this tradition as they feel it is outdated in today’s society. Not only is the woman now involved in payment for the ring of course she has a huge part to play in actually picking out the ring, which would have been unheard of many years ago.

This survey found that opinion is almost split in half with 46% of women saying they would be willing to split the cost of the ring and 56% saying they would not. Many women said that when they are married they will be splitting all their bills and merging their accounts etc so why not start with the ring, while other women said that they would resent having to pay half for their ring as well as breaking with tradition.

For those wondering what to spend on an engagement ring, you can always look at our engagement ring calculator

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