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Don’t Fret Over Your Engagement Ring Selfie

We at Perfect Ring were shocked to learn just how worried some women get about showing off their engagement rings with a selfie. Apparently some brides-to-be are so concerned about the appearance of their hands that they feel they must have surgery done before they will share pictures of their engagement ring online.
This problem has been exacerbated by the inexorable rise in popularity of showing engagement ring selfies on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. This means that there is an expectation for women to show off their rings publicly, and this comes with additional pressure for those women who are more conscious about the “ageing” of their hands. In addition, some brides-to-be may be giving too much importance to the appearance of celebrities who have embraced the engagement ring selfie trend such as Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad and Rory McIlroy’s fiancé Caroline Wozniacki.
It is just one of those things in life that the hands are one of the first places on the body to age. It is because of this that so-called “hand lifts” are becoming increasingly popular for prospective brides who want to share pictures of their engagement rings on social media. It has been estimated that incidences of the practice have risen by 40% in New York since engagement ring selfies have been popularised on social media. However, we at Perfect Ring think that the focus should be on the engagement ring, and not the hand that it sits upon. Anyone who’s a good friend will simply admire how nice your ring is and won’t pass comment on anything else!