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Diamond Information

When buying a diamond ring, it is advisable to do a bit of research before you start looking at rings.  This will ensure that you are fully aware of the main points when it comes to viewing a diamond and it also ensures that you get the best diamond to suit your budget.

We at Perfect Ring meet people on a daily basis and assist them in understanding diamonds – we are more than happy to assist you in this process also.

For those who would like more information in relation to diamonds, we would advise the following:

– become familiar with the 4 C’s of diamonds
There are many articles and you-tube videos relating to the 4 C’s – I explain them briefly below.

1. Carat
The diamond carat relates to the weight of a diamond. Broadly speaking, the larger the carat, the bigger the diamond, however this is a bit over simplified. It is possible to get a diamond with a larger spread, in other words, it looks larger than it actually is. It is possible to get a 0.90 carat diamond which looks larger than a 1.0 carat diamond simply because the spread of the 0.90 carat diamond is larger.  We specialise in identifying excellent cut diamonds which appear larger then they are – our access to over 250,000 diamonds facilitates us to do this.


2. Colour

The more white a diamond is, the rarer it is and the more expensive it is also. The purest diamond is called a ‘D’ colour. The scale runs from D to Z where Z is heavily tinted yellow. We would recommend staying in the range D – I colour and anything below a colour I would result in a tint of yellow in your diamond, which we would not recommend. Most diamonds are in the F – H colour range with very little difference in the look between an F and a H coloured diamond.


3. Clarity
Most diamonds contain small markings inside the diamond called inclusions. Most cannot be seen with the naked eye. The range is from IF (Internally Flawless) to I1 (medium to large blemishes)
Scale of inclusions is below.
Similar to the diamond colour, the further right your go on this scale, the less expensive the diamond.  We would recommend not going below a Si2 inclusion diamond as anything below this may become noticeable with the naked eye.


4. Cut
Diamond cut is one of the most important features of a diamond. The cut relates to the sparkle of a diamond. A poor cut diamond will not have brilliance and fire in it.  We specialise in only providing diamonds which are a very good to an excellent cut as we believe that a diamond should capture light and sparkle in all its glory. Diamond cut and diamond shape are two different things – the cut has an impact on the sparkle, shape is just the shape the diamond was designed.


5. Cost
We like to add a bit to the 4 C’s and the fifth C is cost.
As we have access to over 250,000 diamonds and are managed by a diamond dealer, we have seen the mark up shops place on diamonds.  We encourage you to shop around for your diamond – we sell at wholesale prices and we are confident that we will be unbeaten on both price and quality.


6. Certificate
All of our diamonds are certified by the worlds leading diamond grading bodies (GIA; HRD; IGI). Each ring we sell also has an independent valuation certificate.  We believe in transparency and honesty at all times. We would also advise people against jewellers who ‘self certify’ their own rings as the details may not be accurate.


7. Confidence

We would encourage people to buy from a reputable jeweller and one who offers a complete exchange on goods (like us at Perfect Ring).  Given our large range and access of diamonds, if you surprise your loved one with a ring which is not to their taste, we can exchange it for you.  All resizing is done in our Dublin City centre workshop – many ‘appointment only’ jewellers outsource their work to the UK, however we believe in quality service and everything we do is with you in mind,which is why we keep everything local. Also any repairs that may be required are done within 24 hours.

For more information we recommend looking at the GIA website which has a lot of useful information about diamonds and gemstones and also their ‘frequently asked questions’ section of their website which is at

Availability and Convenience

Availability and Convenience

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Free sonic cleaning with all rings along with having a in house goldsmith available for all amendments.


Up to 50% below high street prices due to our network with diamond dealers and low overheads.
Free independent valuation

Free independent valuation

All our diamond rings come with free independent valuations worth over €100 from Irelands leading gemmologist.


Over 800 diamond rings in stock – all available to be amended to suit your style and budget. Access to over 1 million certified diamonds.