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Is George Clooney really engaged?? can it be true?!!

George Clooney engagedSorry ladies but it has been reported that George Clooney is in fact engaged to British girlfriend Amal Alamuddin. It seems that George Clooney had a change of heart and decided he did not want to be the most eligible bachelor anymore.
He apparently popped the question to Amal who was seen showing off a large rock in Nobu Restaurant, California on Thursday. The couple have not even confirmed their relationship but it appears they are getting along very well and they were seen on a double date on Thursday night with Cindy Crawford and her husband.
Amal is not a celebrity, she is 36 and a very successful humanitarian lawyer and adviser to former UN General Secretary, Kofi Annan. It makes a change to George’s previous girlfriends, which included many models, a cocktail waitress and a wrestler (thats right, an actual wrestler).  Clooney’s most recent relationship was with wrestler, Stacy Kiebler whom he dated for two years and ended in July 2013.  Stacy recently married and has announced she is expecting a baby in the coming months.  George has been a renound bachelor, he was however married previously between the years 1989-1993. It seems Amal has really made an impact and George has finally met someone that he wants to settle down with!!
Best of luck George from all at – you were great in ER and not so great in Batman but you did a few other things along the way too.


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