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La Toya Jackson Shows Off Diamond Ring

La Toya Jackson engagement ringLa Toya Jackson – sister of Michael Jackson (an amazing resemblance I think) recently flashed her diamond ring as she announced her engagement to business partner Jeffre Phillips.

The engagement ring is set in a vintage style halo and is a very large 17.5 carats. That’s right, 17.5 carats.  This would cost around €725,000 to buy in a setting but no mention so far on how much was spend on the ring – probably a lot more than this figure.

La Toya has previously said she wanted a wedding larger than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I’m not quite sure if the purpose of a wedding is an opportunity to show off your bank balance but who am I to give advice? I’m just happy to have married my best friend!

Anyway, the background is that La Toys is 58 years young, and is wearing white at every opportunity possible. The ring was received 10 months ago but La Toys only revealed it last week. This is her second time down the aisle and we wish them the best together.
Hopefully they focus a bit more on the meaning of marriage a little bit less on beating Kim Kardashians wedding – that being said, the media can exaggerate things so we reserve comment (sort of!)

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