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How to make engagement ring shopping fun!

Perfect Ring-Dublin-JewelersThe thoughts of shopping for an engagement ring can seem somewhat overwhelming. Well it
doesn’t have to be as with the right amount of knowledge about what to look for in a ring and
an understanding of the difference in prices, choosing an engagement ring can be an
enjoyable and exciting experience.
We here at Commins & Co Jewellers – located in Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin City Centre, have put a list together of some of the most important questions we get asked at our Store.
Query 1: Which is the most popular engagement ring diamond cut?
The most popular diamond cut is most definitely the round brilliant cut, it’s traditional and symbolises
eternity. This represents roughly 70% of all diamond shapes sold. Other popular stones are the Oval, Radiant, and Emerald.
Query 2: How important are the 4 C’s?
They are important as they are the industry standard but you should also take into account0.70ct-Round-Cut-Diamond
that elements like improving diamond clarity can be unnecessary as once the diamond is eye
clean you are paying extra for something that is not noticeable. There are a lot of videos and data done on diamond information on most jwellers websites. I’d advise viewing just one so you know the lingo. Out diamond education section is at: 
Qurty 3: What are the most popular materials for an engagement ring?
Most people go for white gold, especially in the last few years, but rose and yellow gold are
becoming fashionable again. Rose gold does compliment the Irish complexion.
Platinum is also a solid option and the most durable of all the alloys however it does dull over
time. See our blog on white gold Vs platinum
GIA certified diamonds from AntwerpQuery 4: Should you do you research before buying an engagement ring? Where would you find
this info?
Yes, research is vitally important before finding your perfect ring. Online can be good
however best to hit the High Street and drop into a few shops to see the real thing – all rngs on our website are i stock in our Jewellers in Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin City centre. At the end of it all you will have a better idea as to what you are looking for.
Query 5: What do you think is a good price range for buying an engagement ring?Choosing the right engagement ring
It has been said that you should spend about 1 to 2 months wages on the engagement ring.
The average we see is usually about 2,500-6,000 being spent on engagement rings but only spend what you can afford and what your comfortable with.
For more information please see our blog on engagement ring shopping tips


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