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Safety Deposit Boxes Are Not That Safe

Safety Deposit Boxes Are Not That Safe

The safe deposit box in Hatton Garden was robbed last Thursday night (Easter weekend) by a gang of thieves. An expert has said that the heist was done by professionals who knew exactly what they were doing and had made off with an estimate of £200 million worth of jewels and diamonds. The police believe the jewels and diamonds have already been taken out of the country.

As it was the long Easter weekend the gang had plenty of time to break in. They hit around 70 boxes belonging to London jewellers. Hiding in an office while they waited for security to leave, then they started to drill through a wall and lowered themselves down the elevator shaft to the basement, cutting through two rows of metals bars. After disabling the alarm on the main door to the vault they began cutting through the 18in thick reinforced metal door before breaking into about 70 boxes and making off with all the loot.

Neil Duttson is a diamond dealer for many private clients has said that once the diamonds are cut and polished they will never be able to be traced so in the next six months to a year people can expect some cheap diamonds to be coming onto the market!

We here at Perfect Ring hope that all the diamonds and jewels are found and returned to their owners and the criminals are brought to justice. For anyone that has diamonds, jewels or engagement rings just be careful of where you store them.