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Top Tips For Tying The Knot Abroad

In the modern day it has become more and more common for couples to get married abroad. When you stop and think about it, dependant on the country you live in there are plenty of positives to getting married abroad. The weather, culture and overall experience mixed in with the opportunity to create ever lasting memories. There are a few commonly asked questions such as Will it be legal? Can I afford it? Will the invited attend? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before making an informed decision to take your marriage to the end of the world.


Although it has been proven that you can save money by getting married abroad, it can be rather easy to make spur of the moment splurges. You should make sure to set out a budget for each item you need to purchase, big or small it will all be important to take note of. The cost of accommodation & flights for you and your partner, Cost of your wedding rings, whether you will be paying for your guests or not, travel insurance and other expenses should be taken into account. Hiring a wedding planner can be very beneficial as they will set a budget with you and put you in the right direction. But remember to take their expenses in to account.

Guest Invitations

When deciding to marry abroad it can be awkward when inviting guests for several reasons. For example who and how many guests to invite? This is important to take into account especially if you have decided to cover the cost of their stay. You should give your guests plenty of notice to give them time to think their decision through so that they don’t feel forced into a decision. Close family & friends will always attend making the ceremony more intimate.

The Ceremony

One of the benefits of getting married abroad is that tradition is not required. Your wedding can be unique to you as a couple. From the country you choose to the ceremonies setting whether it be in a church, on a beach or on a hill top garden at sunset. The food you choose for the meal is an opportunity for you to embrace the country of your choice culture and taste. These are some of the benefits of marrying abroad and can help create a memorable and uniquely beautiful day.


Everyone has heard a story in the past of marriages that were thought to be legal when marrying abroad to only find out years later that they weren’t. The best way to cover yourself and your partner is to contact the relevant embassy or consulate to confirm what your marriage status would be on your return. For example some countries insist you must stay within their country for a set amount of days after your ceremony for it to be legalized. These are important things to note before choosing your destination.

So there you have it, a few simple tips to take into consideration when thinking of the possibility of marrying abroad. A few tips I’m sure will help you on your path to a wonderful memory made. Just remember that although there is some serious planning to be done when marrying abroad take a step back, breathe and enjoy the experience.