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Halo Vintage Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring style is a classic design that first came to light almost a century ago and has stood the test of time to remain hugely popular to this day. It is characterised by the appearance of one central gemstone circled by numerous smaller stones which flash with light and divert attention back to the centre stone. This juxtaposition of smaller stones around a central diamond also creates the illusion of a huge central gemstone, even for low-carat diamonds and represents magnificent value for money while still giving off a gleaming appearance of immaculate quality.

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At Commins & Co, we have a huge selection of halo vintage engagement rings for those who are seeking a ring of eye-watering quality and finesse without having to break the bank. When you see our halo vintage rings, you’ll know just why this style has remained so popular ever since the 1920s, and this classic style is unlikely to fade into obscurity any time soon.