Jewellery - Perfect RingWhen it comes to jewellery, there are many styles and options. We identify each jewellery category and examine popular pieces in each one.

The main categories being:

  • Earrings
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Gift Ideas

1. Earrings

The most popular jewellery gift in Ireland last year was earrings. They are an excellent option one size fits all. The disadvantage of a ring is they you will need to know the finger size. With earrings, once your partners ears are pierced, they’ll fit!

Within this category, there are different styles of earrings.

Classic Stud Jewellery

Jewellery - Perfect RingStud diamond earrings are the most popular style of jewellery. They are usually one diamond (round cut) and set in with 4 claws. The most popular metal would be 9k or 18k white gold or yellow gold. Both 9k and 18k look the same – one can save a few euro by selecting 9k instead of 18k.

Diamond stud earrings would generally start from €265 – this being an approx price for 0.10ct diamond earrings. The price you pay for a pair of diamond earrings depends on the size and quality of the diamonds. To put it another way, the price will depend on the 4 C’s of the diamonds. I the past year or so, the option of using a lab grown diamond in an earrings is an option. This allows people go a bit larger, slightly better quality and save a bit of money. One can see larger savings, the larger you go. For example, for 0.10ct earrings, ther is very little difference between natural and lab diamond. For 2.0ct earrings, the saving could be up to 50% or more. Definitely worth looking into the option of using a lab grown diamond.

Gemstone Earrings Jewellery

Jewellery - Perfect RingWhite diamond stud earrings are the safest choice, many earrings are set with gemstones. Sapphire, emerald and rubies being the other popular choices. Generally a gemstone is surrounded by small diamonds to add a bit of sparkle.


2. Pendants Jewellery

Similar to earrings, there are many styles of pendants but two main jewellery categories. Classic stud and gemstone halo.

Classic Stud Pendant

Jewellery - Perfect RingUsually set in 9k or 18k white or yellow gold, the classic 4 claw pendant is a popular gift choice. Once size fits all without the need for resizing, allowing for the element of surprise to exist.

One choice which remains however is the chain length. Most pendants are 16 inch or 18 inch. Many jewellers will give the option for 20 or 22 inch if this is the preference. This usually ass a bit to the price as chains are priced based on the amount of metal in them. Longer chains mean more metal so higher price.

There are different styles of chains. The most popular are thin delicate ones. The challenge is balancing off the delicate pretty effect with durability. here is no point having a beautiful piece if it will break in a few weeks / months.

Gemstone Pendant

Jewellery - Perfect RingThe second main style of pendant is one set with a centre gemstone. Some gemstone earrings have a matching pendant which may be handy for a gift in year 2!

The most popular gemstones are the same as earrings above with sapphire being the most popular choice. The sapphire is also very popular as a gift for the bride – the something blue. However, most of the pendants are set in a halo or found cut diamonds to add a bit of life to the piece. Generally speaking, the quality if gemstones used in earrings and pendants would be lower quality compared to gemstones used in rings. This is simply because people are not prepared to spend as much on jewellery. And the piece will not be examined or seen as much of its in your ear or on an pendant. It would usually be possible to upgrade the quality of the gemstone in a pendant but most people appreciate the fact that the quality of the stone is reflected in the price.


3. Tennis Bracelets

Jewellery - Perfect RingThis is not an option for someone looking for a gift under €2,000. There is a lot of metal in a tennis bracelet and a lot of diamonds. The other cost is the setting cost with a diamond setter charging up to €12 per stone. However, most tennis bracelets would have around 40 diamonds so the setting cost should not be ignored.

The pecking order of jewellery is usually:

  • engagement ring
  • wedding ring
  • eternity ring
  • diamond or gemstone earrinsg
  • diamond or gemstone pendant
  • tennis bracelet

The most popular style of diamond tennis bracelet is a classic 4 claw bracelet. For these, each diamond is held in with 4 individual claws. Generally the starting size is 1.0ct and can go up to 20ct of diamonds. Generally starting price is €2,000 ish

An increasing trend is the use of lab diamonds in tennis bracelets. Bets value when looking at 3.0ct and above. While the cost of a lab diamond is less than a natural diamond, the metal and setting cost remains the same.


4. Jewellery Gift Ideas

Jewellery remains a popular gift. However, ever increasingly, people are treating themselves to nice pieces. Nice does not need to mean expensive.

Irish Coin Collection Jewellery

Jewellery - Perfect RingOne of the most popular trends we have seen in the last 2 years has been the Irish coin collection. Usually made in silver (for the white ones) or silver and yellow gold plated – with a 9k yellow gold chain for the yellow ones. Best never to get a silver chain and gold plate it as it will not wear great – for the extra few euro, best to get 9k yellow gold.

Solid Gold Pieces

There are some really nice daily wear pieces available – from earrings to pendants. In 9k gold these can be from €100 so not too bad for a gift what will always have a value (the gold) .