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Mens Wedding and Engagement Rings

gwr1012-gents-wedding-ring-baguette-diamond-set-6mmMen’s perception of jewellery is changing. Although there is still a prevailing notion that jewellery is effeminate, many men are beginning to see a love of jewellery as being less about their sexuality or age and more about an appreciation for design and aesthetics. This reflects a growing sartorial confidence and a wider shift to more individualistic approach to men’s fashion and Mens Wedding and Engagement Rings.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the groom-to-be is usually least concerned about his own wedding band and more about his fiancé being happy with her selection. Despite the inherent timelessness to the classic gold band, there have been few opportunities for individuality in men’s wedding bands. However, in recent years, the men’s wedding band market has begun to rapidly expand in everything from design and style to available materials.

The way we are doing things is changing, apart from the wider choice available in men’s wedding bands, popularity in men’s engagement rings has been steadily increasing. The term, ‘management’ ring has surfaced online joining the ever expanding list of linguistic masculinisation’s which highlight the ever changing boundaries between the sexes. It has also become a popular show of equality between newly engaged couples, with women not wanting to be identified as the only one in the relationship being off the market when engaged.

We here at Perfect Ring are all for forward thinking and giving the guy an opportunity to express himself in jewellery. Your ring is the only item you will potentially wear every day of your life. Our advice it to think about what you like and how it will look at a future date. We hope our shop at Powerscourt Shopping Centre can assist you in finding what you like or allowing us assist you create a unique piece.