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Exceptional Eternity Rings at Commins & Co

The concept of eternity rings developed in the United States in the 1960s by diamond merchant De Beers. One of their famous campaign slogans at the time was “She married you for richer or for poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”. The slogan alluded to the idea that eternity rings are usually purchased later on in marriage, and the concept is even more popular now than when it was first contrived. In fact, many husbands in Ireland are now purchasing eternity rings much earlier in the marriage.

All eternity rings at Commins & Co are sourced from some of the most established and recognised jewellers in Ireland. We have worked closely with jewellers and listened to client feedback to provide a range of rings that cater for a variety of budget capabilities, suiting a diverse array of preferences. Browse through our extensive collection to see some of the most beautiful and eye-catching eternity rings in Ireland, and choose a style that best suits you or your partner.


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Browse our magnificent range of eternity rings from leading jewellers in Ireland

As a leading stockist of eternity rings, we understand that many clients consult Commins & Co to research their eternity ring before purchasing, so we provide an extensive amount of information on all rings to aid your decision-making process.

We also recognise that due to the array of exceptional rings available, making a final decision is not easy. Choosing between a platinum eternity ring, or a white gold metal, is just one of the dilemmas that many clients in Ireland face.
Once your selection shortlist has been honed, feel free to contact us to arrange an in-person viewing of the selected rings to help you make your final decision. We also arrange consultations should you require any further information on any ring at Commins & Co.