What Diamond Shape Should I Choose for an Engagement Ring?

When it comes to engagement rings, the chances are you are completely new to the process. As tempted as you might be to ask your future partner, you equally don’t want to ruin the engagement surprise. So, how do you decide what style and shape engagement ring to buy?

If you’re considering which engagement ring would most suit what you had in mind, here’s a guide to the 10 most popular shapes of ring gemstones.


A round cut gemstone is circular in appearance. The diameter can range in size depending on your budget, making round cuts a very versatile shape to consider. Interestingly, round cut diamonds are the most popular shape, accounting for approximately 75% of all engagement rings.
Solitaire diamond engagement ring
One of the stand out features of an engagement one is one which reflects the light brilliantly. A round cut diamond will do just that, providing a dazzling sparkle that will wow your partner and all those who admire it on her hand. The highest quality round cut diamonds are colourless (grade D-F) and have no inclusions which are known as a flawless diamond.


Looking for an engagement ring with fire and brilliance? A radiant cut is one you should definitely consider. It is comprised of four gently-trimmed corners that are bevelled. The cut is similar to that of emerald shaped diamonds but with intense sparkle.

Double halo radiant cut diamond ring

Radiant cuts can either blend perfectly with a contemporary ring setting or majestically contrast with a traditional band. When placed in a halo setting, radiant cut engagement rings create quite the statement piece. This cut style best compliments those with slender fingers.


The princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape. It has four square sides with similar properties to the radiant cut, however, a princess cut has straight as opposed to bevelled edges.

Princess cut diamond engagement ring

The person who would suit the princess cut is someone who likes the flash and sparkle factor. The way in which princess cut diamonds are set, allows them to shine from all angles including the underneath, which is shaped like an inverted pyramid. Princess cut diamonds offer a modern shape with a sense of exuberance.


A pear shaped diamond is a combination of both the marquise and round cuts. It’s comprised of a head, shoulder, belly, wing and point. The point is one of the most recognisable parts of a pear shaped gemstone and is typically set in V-shaped prong or bezel setting to protect it.

Pear shape halo engagement ring

As an unusual shape, the pear cut would suit someone who does things differently, given it is available in a range of quirky shapes and stones. The pear shape also holds more colour than a round diamond.


Oval diamonds have many similarities to round cut diamonds, in that they produce a remarkable brilliance. The main difference is the shape, which is slightly more elongated. Oval cut diamonds make for a beautiful engagement ring in almost any metal, style or setting. They are most suited to longer finger shapes due to the flattering appearance the oval creates on the hand.

Oval cut diamond engagement ring

The smaller carat size of an oval diamond portrays the diamond as being larger than it actually is. As a result, you are able to buy an imposing diamond without the price tag of other cuts. Oval shape cuts are also popular within sapphire and ruby engagement rings, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a stone that is not a diamond too.


For a distinct shape that offers something a little more unusual, check out the marquise cut. It is similar to a pear cut, however, is pointed on both sides.

Marquise shape diamond engagement ring

The shape showcases the diamond in a way which makes it appear larger than the carat weight suggests. In addition, a halo setting can frame the diamond beautifully making it appear even grander.

The shape of the cut creates the illusion of an elongated finger. The typical length to width ratio is 2:1, however, this can be lengthened or narrowed if you wish. Marquise cuts are suitable for anyone looking for the appearance of a large diamond but within a conservative budget.


Proposing marriage is a declaration of love, and a heart shaped diamond allows you to communicate this in the most visual of ways. Heart shaped diamonds are more popular within engagement rings than wedding rings, and are usually wedding ring friendly, meaning a heart shaped engagement ring will sit flush against a wedding ring.

Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many different diamond shaped hearts you can purchase. Some are more round and fuller, whereas others are more narrow and elongated. In general, heart shaped diamonds are quite uncommon.


Emerald shaped diamonds are rectangular in shape. Originally, emerald cuts were designed for their namesake gemstone but translate into diamonds beautifully. Emerald cuts have a traditional and vintage appeal but can also create a modern engagement ring depending on the setting used.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring

This cut has a slightly larger surface area than round cut diamonds, and creates the impression of slender fingers due to its elongated nature.


A cushion cut is a hybrid between a round and a square cut. The edges are soft which makes it a more practical ring, and is ideal for those with active lifestyles. The softer edges also give the cushion cut a more romantic feel.

Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

Within a cushion cut, you can either find a crushed iced faceting which is similar to a radiant cut. Alternatively, a cushion cut can take the form of a more antique look which is closer looking to a round cut but with square edges. Cushion cut engagement rings make for a popular choice and can be tailored to fit your desired look.


The asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut but is square instead of a rectangle. It features a step cut design, so when you look at it you see a series of squares. Due to its open facets, asscher cuts require a high level of clarity (such as VVS1) to avoid any visible imperfections.

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring

Asscher engagement rings have a real fire and flash but with a traditional twist. Many gemstones complement this design, and the angled edges offer solid protection.