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Celebrity Sapphire engagement rings

Celebrity sapphire engagement rings

Celebrity sapphire engagement rings

As the sapphire is the birthstone of September, we here at thought we would share our top three favourite celebrity sapphire engagement rings with you.

  1. The first sapphire ring is quite obvious – Kate Middleton.

Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. He felt the ring was special to him and also felt Kate was special to him. Because of this he thought it was the perfect fit. The ring is set in 18 karat white gold with a massive 18 carat  oval cut  sapphire – this is surrounded by 14 diamonds. Impressive piece of jewellery.


  1. Square Sapphire by Elizabeth Hurley

This huge engagement ring is a square cut sapphire with a trillion cut diamonds on each side. Very pretty ring and one of the rare occasions where a ring is both big and classy.


  1. Penelope Cruz (or Cruise) cluster sapphire ring

Our third celebrity is Penelope Cruz who have a pretty cushion cut sapphire ring set in a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds.  This ring looks small in comparison to the others but is quite huge in comparison to us ‘ordinary people’.

For those of you how love sapphire rings but are unable to afford the celebrity rings above, we have a sample of sapphire rings from 22 jewellers across Ireland at link: sapphire rings

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