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Dazzling Diamond flowers in new exhibition!


Works by Lydia Courteille and Lotus Arts de Vivre

Some maginificent jewels are now on display in Belgravia’s Couture Lab until the 31st December, they certainly look like they would be well worth a look!! The jewels are designed by Lydia Courteille a gemologist from Paris. Some of the pieces are by Bankok’s Lotus Arts de Vivre. From lillypad’s to roses these jewels are dazzling and are crafted from vintage rubies, pink sapphires, brown diamonds and touramalines. Some of the pieces that really stand out are a pair of cufflinks that are black bear paws and a pink orchid ring.

Both designers make vintage and bespoke pieces and have astounding attention to detail. They have put Asian culture on the international map through their creations. These creations are really unique and definitely one of a kind. We especially love the snake inspired braclet and earrings made from ebony and emeralds by Lotus Arts de Vivre.  All of the jewels are crated by hand and the inspiration for the pieces come the tropical environment of the Far East , many of the pieces focus on oriental snakes and mythological dragons. Courteille travels around the world in search of ancient stones including some that date from the 18th century to use in her deliate pansies and roses.

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