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Unromantic proposal!!

engagement ring proposalA recent Survey (that was conducted in the UK of 2,000 women by jewellery design service Hot Pink) shows a third of women are not impressed with how their partner popped the question and a shocking quarter of women want to upgrade their engagement ring!!!

Any man knows that getting down on bended knee and proposing to their beloved is not an easy task, however it seems many women are very hard to impress and this moment wasn’t the magical moment they had hoped for.
Men certainly have to keep high standards and make this moment very magical, it seems they are not living up to expectations of women. It seems to be the location that was the main reason why women were disappointed, feeling that the man had not chosen a romantic enough location to propose. Many of the women survey in fact more than a third said they would have liked a more sentimental location and 17 per cent said they would have liked the moment to have been more personal.

And not only are these women that were surveyed not happy with the proposal they also want to return the diamond ring!!! More than a quarter said that they were disappointed with their partners choice of ring and they would like to upgrade given the opportunity to do so.  Some would have preferred a larger stone, some a different band or shape and others wanteda better quality ring.

So, best of luck lads – if we can offer one piece of advice, all good jewellers should let you return a ring you purchase and choose one together if the situation arises!!.

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