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White Gold Vs Platinum

White Gold vs. Platinum.

white gold vs platinum engagement ringOften when a couple comes in to buy an engagement ring or wedding band, they have many valid questions but one is invariably what is the difference between white gold vs platinum?

Initially, when you glance at white gold and platinum, you could be forgiven for thinking they look similar but when compared side by side they are very different metals. White gold has a bright silver shine to it while platinum carries a grey hue. To achieve the silvery white colour found in white gold, yellow gold must be mixed or alloyed with a cocktail of other white metals like nickel, manganese, silver or palladium, thus debunking the myth that there is such a thing as “pure white gold”. The white, shiny finish comes when it has been coated in rhodium; this process should be repeated every few years to maintain the white colour and shine. Rhodium plating is not necessary but it will prevent the white gold from reverting back to yellow gold, its main ingredient so it is advisable. Rhodium plating is a quick and efficient way of retaining the shine and vibrancy of your white gold band, it is cheap too!

Platinum, however is naturally greyish white. It cannot be sold unless it is at least 90-95% platinum; otherwise it is just platinum alloy. As time goes on, the colour in your platinum band will not fade, rather it will become dull and its shiny finish will turn to a natural patina, some people find they prefer this because it makes their diamond seem sparklier. To regain the original luster of your platinum band, it can be professionally polished which costs almost the same as rhodium plating but is required every six – eight months.

Due to the rarity of platinum, it is fractionally more expensive than white gold. It is also the stronger and heavier of the metals, which is another factor in platinum costing a little bit more but ultimately, the decision on something so precious should not come down to cost but whether you want a heavier weight on you hand and which of these beautiful precious metals you prefer.




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